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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

7 Steps to Employ the Art of Magnificent Living

  1. Sort through the contrast of your life and figure out what you don’t want. Clear your clutter and get rid of what drains you.
  2. Make peace with where you are.
  3. Get very clear on what you do want. Write these things down.
  4. Acknowledge and appreciate all the good in your life already. Cultivate and practice gratitude.
  5. Choose thoughts that align with the good that you are wanting. Write these down and practice thinking them.
  6. Choose words that align with the good that you are wanting. Write these down and practice saying them.
  7. Focus on the feeling of having what you want, or just feeling good. Make feeling good your top priority!

Additional suggestions for living a life that feels good:

Commit to a daily practice of self-care. Schedule yourself in first. Self care is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity for life on earth in the 21st century.
Laugh a lot.
Hang out with people that make you feel good about yourself.
Stop criticizing and judging.
Turn off the news.
Exercise 5 times a week.
Drink a lot of water.
Listen to your body and eat good foods.
Pet your dog or cat.
Play with your kids.
Stop taking things so seriously.
Keep growing through classes and learning.
Get energy balancing sessions.
Go on vacation, even if it’s where you live. Keep a fresh perspective and try new things.
You are an eternally evolving being. You can’t get it wrong and you can never get it done.
Life is not about crossing stuff off your lists. It’s about aligning your energy, feeling good and enjoying the ride.
All things in moderation, including moderation!

What Makes My Reiki Classes Different from Traditional Reiki?

I call my particular brand of Reiki Transformational Reiki; transform meaning to transcend or go beyond the current form of.

I have been working with Reiki since 1994 -- almost 20 years at the time I’m writing this, and the material and experience that I bring to my classes goes far beyond traditional Usui Reiki. The energy of planet earth – and likewise our evolving personal, physical and energetic systems -- is vastly different today than it was in 1870, when Dr Mikao Usui is credited with re-discovering Reiki and bringing it back to the earth plane.

While I honor and respect those who have come before me, my intention with my book and classes is to now bring Reiki into the 21st century; to update its function, mechanics and scope so that it may be understood and utilized in ways that are more appropriate for who we are and the challenges that we face today.

Years of study and practice have gone into my curriculum. I continue to update and amend the material based on what I experience with each set of students that I work with, and with my own personal experience with clients.  I have structured the classes in such a way that each student may gain the greatest benefit from each class. That is also why I offer Practicums with the classes. Hands-on practice is the best way to develop confidence in yourself and get the feedback you need to trust what you are doing.

Some lineages of Reiki recognize only the single Master Level; this means that the Master has all the attunements in Reiki, and has received the instruction to attune others to Reiki. Others have split the Master class into two levels: Master Practitioner and Master Teacher. For me this makes more sense. 

Being a practitioner and being a teacher are two entirely different roles, and it is my opinion that the skills and experience necessary to be an effective teacher are not transferred to someone else in one day or in a weekend workshop. That is the biggest drawback with traditional Reiki that I see today.

If you are interested in becoming certified as a Reiki practitioner, do your due diligence. Not all Reiki teachers are created equal. There are some people who provide the attunements only and think that they are teaching Reiki. I've had many people over the years who have received this style of "instruction" and after some time passes they realize that they have been shortchanged, and aren't confident in their own ability or experience. This is a great disservice to the student and to the power of Reiki itself.

2014: Meditation for Endings and Beginnings

I thought I'd share a simple meditation that you could bring to this time of profound change to positively engage the energies that are present.
1.   Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Allow your 
      emotions and thoughts to soften and relax.
2.   Feel the Great Central Sun shining down upon you touching and warming
      the top of your head and moving down through your body, filling every cell
      of your body with soft, golden white light.
3.   Feel your pranic tube connect down deeply into the earth and breathe a
      few breaths of the earth up into your body, breathing gratitude and 
      appreciation back down to earth.
4.   Feel your pranic tube reach up into the heavens, connecting to the heart of
      Source. Breathe a few breaths from heaven down into your body, allowing
      the wisdom of the divine to fill and surround you, breathing gratitude and
      appreciation back to Source.
5.   Feel your lattice or energy field connected to the Universal Lattice, held,
      supported and adored. Feel your connection to all the other beings who are
      holding the best outcomes for humanity and our planet.
6.   Call on your Inner Being to blend and merge with you to the fullest capacity
7.   Feel yourself at a crossroads and stand looking at where you have come
      from. Bless your path and all the experiences you have had up till now, for
      each one contributes to who you are. Forgive and bless anyone from your
      past, including yourself, that needs forgiveness.     
8.   Take your life up till this point and place it in a beautiful sphere of light,
      sending thankfulness and gratitude to the sphere, filling it with light. Take
      that sphere and merge it into your heart, allowing the energy to integrate
      with all of you.
9.   Now standing at the crossroads, look at where you are going. Give intent to
      align with the energies of evolution and expansion that are here now and
      will continue to come.

      I choose to live a life of peace. 
I let go of judgment and criticism.

      I focus on what is good in my life, and expect the best.
      I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
      I intend for my life to evolve with ease, joy, prosperity and grace.

10.  Open to receive the energies of grace, peace, ease, abundance and joy
       that are in potential, bringing them into your now, into your body, mind
       and emotions.
11.  Radiate the feeling of peace, good will and positive outcomes to your life,
       your family and friends, your community, world leaders, the plant and
       animal kingdoms, and the earth itself.
12.  Bask and be. Breathe this in. Be it. Know it. Feel it. And so it is.

May 2014 herald a time of peace-filled empowerment, success and joy beyond your imagination.

All the best to you!


Winter Solstice

A simple intention for the shortest day of the year:

Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your heart. 
Spend a few breaths of gratitude with the earth beneath you.
Spend a few breaths of gratitude with the heavens above you.
Invite any shadow aspect of your self to come into the space in front of you.
Bless and thank this part of yourself for how it has served you. 
Send a stream of love from your heart into this aspect, and release it into the light.
Breathe into your body,  feel who you now are and what is possible for you.
Stand in the light of this new way of being, breathing deeply, knowing completely.

The Power of a Healing Practice

When I meet with a client for the first time, I explain that our process of working together is generally two-fold:

In session we address the core concerns and issues that are at play, and do the energetic work to transform, unravel or dis-create the current operating systems that are responsible for their present experience. And then it is up to the client to maintain the new operating system that we have created together – to make it the stronger, more practiced, and more familiar way of being.

Because we live in an observer-based world, it’s essential that we learn how to look for what we want to see.

A daily practice can help you transform and evolve the parts of yourself and your life that you may not want to see -- that rascally little part of ourselves known as the sabateur, the resistor, the one who really doesn’t want to change because it takes too much effort.

And it will certainly help you to create what you do want to see with more finesse and ease.

It is essential to have a Daily Practice of Self Care, where you carve out the time to commune with the larger aspects of who you are for assistance, guidance and support. You don’t have to do it all by yourself!

The difference between those who take the time to line up their energy with their inner beings and those who don’t is the difference between getting behind a car and pushing it and getting into the driver’s seat and turning on the ignition.

Having a Daily Practice allows you to leverage the power of the universe, to align with universal forces that can help pave the way with you and for you. I’m a pragmatist at heart, and tend toward the lazy side, so anything that makes my life easier I’m way into!

There is a scene in the hockey movie Miracle, where the American team is practicing together for one of the first times as the American team. The Coach is having them do sprints and essentially wearing the hell out of them. At the end of each sprint he asks the players, “Who are you and who do you play for?” and each player yells back their name and college team in response.

The sprints continue.

It is an excruciating scene to watch, as the players become more and more exhausted, befuddled, annoyed and angry. At one point a player collapses on the ice vomiting, clearly beyond worn out.

And still the coach asks the same questions and the sprints continue.

Until finally one player gets the gist of the question, and yells defiantly back at the coach, “I am team America!”

With that, the coach says, “Good night fellas, sleep well,” and heads off the ice into the shadows.

The coach wanted the players to understand that in order to up their game, to play at Olympic standards, each person had to give up the idea of their old identity. The new operating system that the coach here was installing was that each player now identified themselves first as the member of a new team, team USA, and then as an individual on that team.

Similarly, the principle behind Reiki, meditation or any good spiritual practice is the recognition that you too are part of a team – team Universe. While your partner may be tricky to spot with the naked eye, it is still the backbone of your team, your most trusted coach, your personal band of organizers and advisors, all working on your behalf around the clock.

A Daily Practice will help you to maintain and direct your conscious collaboration with your team. And have a darn good time in the process.

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