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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Meditation for Endings and Beginnings

I thought I'd share a simple meditation that you could bring to this time of profound change to positively engage the energies that are present.
1.   Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Allow your 
      emotions and thoughts to soften and relax.
2.   Feel the Great Central Sun shining down upon you touching and warming
      the top of your head and moving down through your body, filling every cell
      of your body with soft, golden white light.
3.   Feel your pranic tube connect down deeply into the earth and breathe a
      few breaths of the earth up into your body, breathing gratitude and 
      appreciation back down to earth.
4.   Feel your pranic tube reach up into the heavens, connecting to the heart of
      Source. Breathe a few breaths from heaven down into your body, allowing
      the wisdom of the divine to fill and surround you, breathing gratitude and
      appreciation back to Source.
5.   Feel your lattice or energy field connected to the Universal Lattice, held,
      supported and adored. Feel your connection to all the other beings who are
      holding the best outcomes for humanity and our planet.
6.   Call on your Inner Being to blend and merge with you to the fullest capacity
7.   Feel yourself at a crossroads and stand looking at where you have come
      from. Bless your path and all the experiences you have had up till now, for
      each one contributes to who you are. Forgive and bless anyone from your
      past, including yourself, that needs forgiveness.     
8.   Take your life up till this point and place it in a beautiful sphere of light,
      sending thankfulness and gratitude to the sphere, filling it with light. Take
      that sphere and merge it into your heart, allowing the energy to integrate
      with all of you.
9.   Now standing at the crossroads, look at where you are going. Give intent to
      align with the energies of evolution and expansion that are here now and
      will continue to come.

      I choose to live a life of peace. 
I let go of judgment and criticism.

      I focus on what is good in my life, and expect the best.
      I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
      I intend for my life to evolve with ease, joy, prosperity and grace.

10.  Open to receive the energies of grace, peace, ease, abundance and joy
       that are in potential, bringing them into your now, into your body, mind
       and emotions.
11.  Radiate the feeling of peace, good will and positive outcomes to your life,
       your family and friends, your community, world leaders, the plant and
       animal kingdoms, and the earth itself.
12.  Bask and be. Breathe this in. Be it. Know it. Feel it. And so it is.

May the new year herald a time of peace-filled empowerment, success and joy beyond your imagination.

All the best to you!

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